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2 janvier 2022 0 Comments produit
MANN-FILTER Team LANDGRAF-HTP/WWR ended the 2021 motorsport season with its two Mercedes Mamba drivers Marciello and Buhk in fourth place. The premium filtration brand finished fifth in the overall team classification. The Audi Mamba, which made its debut this season, secured Haase and Trefz 26th place in the driver’s championship. MANN-FILTER looks back on a successful motorsport season. Ludwigsburg, December 9th, 2021 – MANN-FILTER has been represented at the ADAC GT Masters since 2017, and this year the brand was able to celebrate some successes after joining forces with Landgraf HTP/WWR. For the first time, MANN-FILTER fielded a second make in the German GT championship, and the Audi Mamba quickly became a fan favorite. The 2021 motorsport season was particularly challenging and will be remembered by many motorsport fans.  

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